SEYM Faith and Practice
SEYM's Faith and Practice Committee has completed revising our Discipline, Faith and Practice.
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Last revised 1/1/13
Table of Contents
Contents 2012
I: Light Within/Mtg for Worship Friends Experience of the Meeting for Worship YBM 2006
II. Friends Statements Religious Experience On Faith, Prayer, Jesus the Inner Teacher, Communion YBM 2012
III. Concerns, Leadings Concerns, Leadings, & Testimonies On Equality, Integrity…Military, environment, etc. YBM 2007
IV. Blessed Community Blessed Community: Quaker Faith, Practice & Testimonies On community; individual in community; conflict resolution YBM 2007
V. Queries & Advices Queries & Advices Questions for consideration; SEYM advice YBM 2005
VI. Mtg for Worship w/concern Business, the process Meeting for Worship with attention to Business YBM 2001
VII. Membership The Meaning of Membership, Becoming a Friend How to Become a Member of a Quaker Monthly Meeting YBM 2003
VIII. Marriage & Committment Committment & Marriage; Separation & Divorce assisting a couple, process & support; separation, divorce YBM 2005
IX. Dying, Death, Bereavement Dying, Death, and Bereavement Assisting individual and family w/queries YBM 2001
X. Clearness Committee Clearness Committees Roles of Clearness Committee 2012
XI. SEYM Monthly Mtg Structure Monthly Meeting, Organization & Structure Purpose of Monthly Meeting structure YBM 2006
XII. Establishing New Meetings Establishing New Friends Meetings Worship Groups, Preparative Meetings, Advices, etc. YBM 2006
XIII. The Yearly Meeting
YBM, IBM, YM Committees, & YM Representatives YBM 2011
XIV. Formation and Revision
Revising How to revise F&P YBM 2004
XV. Friends History
Examining Our Past, Beginnings, Q's in America, Southeast 2012
The Balby Postscript 1656
XVI. Appendices
Recording Ministers
Nominations for YM tasks
Nominations to Organizations 2012
Suggested Form Letters for Dual Membership 2012
Suggested Form Letter for Certificate of Transfer 2012
XVII. Glossary of Terms Glossary 2012
XVIII. References
XIX: Index
On File from the OFFICE
Dying, Death and Bereavement Forms living wills, requested assistance/arrangements YBM 2004
Meeting Membership Record (active-Excel) modified by office per requests from meetings
Member Information Form